Bellaire Dairy Queen treats residents with humorous sign

It is being shared all over social media.

The Bellaire Dairy Queen has a new sign to celebrate the return of the "Misty Slush" that is guaranteed to make you laugh.

The sign went up Tuesday and reads, "Misty Slush -- Cold as Your Ex-Girlfriends Heart!"

The owners saw a similar sign while vacationing in Delaware and were inspired to share the humor with Bellaire residents.

"They came home and they put it up and not five minutes later, cars were pulling in and taking pictures," said manager Amanda Henry.

"We started laughing because there were cars pulling up, people getting out of the cars and taking pictures. I said, 'Yep. Best sign we ever put up,'" said shift leader Billie Jo Baldwin. 

They say they are always looking for clever phrases to put up on their sign. 

If you have any ideas, you can post them to their Facebook page for consideration!

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