Nine I-70 Bridges Past 'Design Life', Commission Hears

Ohio County's Commission receives some hard facts about aging highways-- as West Virginia Department of Highways District six engineer Gus Suwaid presented the case for the road bond issue at a regular meeting.

Commissioners learned around $170 million would come to fix I-70 should voters approve the bond measure on October 7. Nine I-70 bridges through Ohio County, built during the late 1960s and early 1970s, are past their "design life" and not up to federal structural standards. They require constant attention and inspections for public safety.

"It's an aging infrastructure. It's a long overdue stretch to, to rehab,” Suwaid said. “We have some bridges with concerning structural issues, that we're maintaining constantly, we're inspecting -- we're maintaining."

Suwaid went on to say voting for the road bond issue brings no increase in taxes. “Through Senate Bill 1006, we’re going to use this $130 million to pay off the bonds we intend to sell and finance those projects,” he said.

Passage of the bond issue also would permit the Department of Highways to perform badly needed maintenance on secondary and alternative routes throughout the state.

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