WVU Students Help with Flood Relief

The community in Hundred is calling the recent flash flooding the worst storm they can remember.

Devastation hit 140 homes, 25 to 30 of those are total losses and many families still have nowhere to go. 23 students college students boarded a bus and traveled down Hornet Highway ready to lend a hand, "The people of Hundred need our help, there's clearly a need," said WVU Student Body President, Blake Humphrey.

WVU Student Government Vice President, Shannon Smith said, "You know they don't have much more than the clothes on their backs so just to let them know that really, all hands on deck in these kinds of situations."

Incident Commander Eric Yost said after 52 years in Hundred he has never seen anything like this, "I never thought we'd live through something like this," said Incident Commander, Eric Yost.

Yost said many families in Hundred are surviving off donations and help from volunteers, but they need more, "We don't want to lose people you know, and these people that are displaced, we met with Senator Manchin this morning, we talked to everybody that anybody in West Virginia, FEMA is going to try to get us some trailers, you know we need housing."

 One of the crews helped inside the home of a Hundred volunteer firefighter, who hasn't even been able to work with his family during the cleanup because he's been helping out his neighbors, "Really just getting to connect with the people and basically just being here to let them know that we're here for them and we're going to do the best that we can to support them and help them," said Shannon Smith.

Blake Humphrey said,  "Having our members see first hand and interact with the wonderful and beautiful people of West Virginia, you gain a new sense of appreciation."

The students said their university represents the heart and soul of the Mountain State. When West Virginia University is strong, West Virginia is strong too, "Being from Bridgeport I don't get to come out to these more exclusive places a lot, so I'm really looking forward to helping some of our Mountaineer family out," said WVU Student Government Senator, Miguel Henriquez.

Shannon Smith said,  "Goes to show that everyone's a Mountaineers at the end of the day and that we're all here to help each other."

If you still need help, call 1-800-WV-FLOOD. The distribution center is moving about a mile south of Hundred High School on Route 250 to start preparing for the school year. 

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