A Taste With Rach: Mmm Popcorn

This week on a "Taste with Rach," Rachael is appeasing to your sweet tooth, or maybe your need for something spicy.   

Either way, they have it at Mmm Popcorn.

There's just something about the smell of popcorn. The sound of it popping, a gravitational, magical pull and it is working for MMM Popcorn in downtown Wheeling.

After some experimenting at home, winning a grant from RED and WLU at the annual Pitch Contest, it's been on and poppin' since June.

"Day to day we make a lot of popcorn," said Dave McFarland.

By "a lot" he means around 50-pounds of kernels each week.

"Three months ago, we had six flavors, I think we're up to 16 now," said McFarland.

And speaking of flavors... Jalapeno Cheddar, Buckey, Smores, legendary thing called a Chicago Mix, and the list just goes on.

Being one of many new business opening downtown, it's a prime location to stop by and grab a snack, especially if you're a PT student needing a break from exams!

Small, medium, or large. No matter what size you're looking for, you're bound to find a flavor to appease your sweet tooth, a taste for something salty, or even some kick.

You probably won't get out the door, without opening your bag or your smile.

"The idea that we wanted to have is that people would leave a little bit happier than when they came in and that's what happens. People come in happy, leave happy, I get to talk to a lot of people, it's just been great, I can't see doing anything else right now," said McFarland.

For a guy with a background in biological research, this change in pace, may just remain permanent.

"Or 50 years from now, I retire as the popcorn man of Wheeling, either way I'm really happy, I love what I'm doing now," said McFarland.

Mmm Popcorn also caters to anything from wedding receptions to baby showers, find them on Facebook or give them a call.

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