Taste With Rach: "Rock 'N Rowdy's"

They say when you hear the beat, stop and eat.

So on this week's "Taste With Rach", Rachael followed the music, to Rock 'N Rowdy's in Moundsville.

Although they've only been open a little more than a year, this was a dream a long time in the making for owner Rowdy Workman. 

"It's actually been going on for about 10-11 years, I've been working on a business plan since before my MBA, it was actually part of an MBA program also.  I've always worked restaurant food service, and I knew I wanted to do something on my own," said Workman.

As for the theme, that was an easy pick for him.

"50's is fun....It was all about fast cars, and good food, and nothing going bad going on, no wars, bad attitudes like we have today, just a fun, family environment," said Workman. 

As for the menu, keeping with the nostalgia theme, Workman took items that are no longer available and put them all together into one menu.

"We have a lot of the Elby's items, the "Slim Jim", the "Patty Melt", the "Big Boy", the hot fudge ice cream cake, the onion rings, a lot from Elby's, a lot of the people around here crave that still," Workman said.

Gathering together all of those favorites from around the area, there are still some clear top sellers, with the number one spot going to the their reuben sandwich.

"It's amazing, I have never had nothing but raving compliments," Workman said about the sandwich.

Rounding out the list are the steak hoagie, the barbeque pulled pork topped with coleslaw, and the Elby's "Slim Jim."

If you think you have an appetite that cannot be matched, be sure check out the "Wall of Shame".

It's a food challenge only of dozens has managed to meet.

The fun doesn't stop at the food and the theme, they have car cruise-ins on Fridays, bike nights on Mondays and more specials by the day.

If you're looking for great diner-like atmosphere that's family friendly--check out Rock 'N Rowdy's along Route 2 in Moundsville.

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