Families stranded after flood washes out bridge

MARSHALL COUNTY, (WTRF) - Flooding has left eight families stranded as a bridge was washed out in Glen Dale this morning.

This bridge has been in need of repair for years, and now that it's gone, families are completely stuck.

There is no other way out.

Now, the bridge is located right behind St. Jude Park, and currently there is a single board in place to allow for necessary crossing.

But it's very dangerous.

Medical help will have a hard time getting to the older residents and young children on the other side.

Residents told officials have been meaning to fix the bridge for years, but nothing happened.

Glen Dale Resident, Jay Castillo said, "There's some elderly people and there's a few people that aren't in the best of health. It could be a dire situation pretty quick. Hopefully they can do something to remedy this because I've called for at least 3 to 4 years so this wouldn't happen."

As families continue to clean up after the flooding, we'll be sure to keep you updated.





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