Lamont Dees on trial after allegedly sexually assaulting 12-year-old

The mother of an alleged rape victim took the stand in Ohio County for an emotional testimony during day 2 of the Lamont Dees Trial.

Inside Judge Sims's courtroom, shocking details were revealed after a 12-year-old girl was allegedly given alcohol and marijuana and sexually assaulted in 2013 by Lamont Dees.

The victim's mother tearfully taking the stand, said her daughter is finally back in school, but is behind a grade after being hospitalized for post traumatic stress disorder, constant doctors appointments and therapy sessions.



Sergeant Scott Adams with the West Virginia State Police also took the stand as the investigator in the case. He said the alleged assault and abuse happened back in 2013 at Dees' home on Wheeling Island.

Adams said the victim's mother dated Dees, lived with him in Morgantown, were even engaged, before they broke up.

The victim's mother said Dees became a father figure to the victim, they were close, he took care of her, favored her, watched her after school, bought her clothes and toys.

After the breakup, Dees wanted to keep contact with the victim, they talked on the phone and would have weekend-long visits in Wheeling, but the victims mother said she never suspect any sexual abuse.

It wasn't until the victim ran away from school that information started coming out about an alleged incident between the two.

"I went to everybody's house I didn't just call them I went. I was searching for basically 48 hours straight and her friend told me, he said I know what's going on. He said she told me that she was molested by Lamont Dees," said the victim's mother.

The victim's mother went on to say she contacted Sprint, who said Lamont Dees is the last number her daughter contacted before she ran away from school.

Adams said Dees came from Iowa, and was caught on video at Morgantown High school picking up the victim and her friend.

The prosecution said they will call the victim to the stand as their next and the defense might call Lamont Dees.

Dees is facing 2 counts of sexual assault in the third degree 2 counts of sexual abuse by a custodian and sexual abuse in the third degree.

The jury is expected to start deliberations today we'll keep you updated on their decision.


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