Despite vaccine ineffectiveness, flu shots are still important

Early reports are showing the flu vaccine has 10% effectiveness.

WHEELING, W.Va. - With viruses like the Flu vaccine each year, they tend to mutate and change, which makes it difficult to judge which strain will hit specific areas, the Associate Director of Emstar said.

According to those experts, the shot has only 10% effectiveness for the most predominant strain, found in the southern hemisphere for this season, and is most likely to hit North America.

The Associate Director went on to say regardless of what the effective rate there, the flu vaccine is still vital for the coming flu season.

"The flu vaccine, even if it doesn't hit the particular strain that year, it does provide people with a milder course," said Dr. Christopher Gooch. "So, it'd be less time off of work and it also helps with the symptoms as well. We recommend that everybody get a flu shot."

Dr. Gooch went on to say the symptoms for the flu are fever, muscle aches, cough, fatigue and just not feeling well. He also said you should go to your local doctor or places like Kroger and CVS to receive a flu shot as soon as possible.

He said it's certainly not too late to get your shot because our flu season could last until April.

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