Murray Energy CEO disagrees with Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Belmont County, Ohio (WTRF) - Robert Murray of Murray Energy says he's "extremely disappointed" with a decision made by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Wednesday.

He says Democrats and Republicans on the committee went against the recommendations of the president and vice president and decided not to enact reforms that Murray feels are necessary. Robert Murray says their decision was in his words "a bureaucratic cop-out."

Murray says America's power grids are not reliable, resilient or secure. Murray feels coal and nuclear power plant owners needed some help in terms of reforms, and it didn't happen.

He says without coal and nuclear power, we'd be having brown-outs and blackouts, "It's a crisis in America. And the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission failed to grant nuclear power plant owners and coal-fired power plant owners a reimbursement of their cost of having that capacity available when we have cold snaps such as last week," Murray said.

Murray says President Trump ordered the FERC to address the issue, but he says the commission didn't make the right decision. He says the nation needs coal-fired power generation. He says it's cheaper and better than natural gas, solar or wind, yet it gets no support.

In his words, the commission is "sitting on their hands and refusing to take action."

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