Poor People's Campaign is set to kick off in May

Ohio - 50 years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. organized the poor people's campaign to highlight the plight of the poor, but he was assassinated before he could see it through.

This week, a group of individuals came here to the statehouse to commit to non-violent civil disobedience for 40 days starting on Mother's Day as part a national effort.

Activists, clergy and low income families spoke with one voice this week.

Poor People's Campaign, Rev. Dr. Susan Smith said, "We have come to say clearly that a politics that ignores the poor has gone on for far too long, and we will not be silent anymore."

Among them was Karen Hewitt, she got her masters at Ohio State University and still feels behind the 8-ball.

Hewitt said, "When you look at the state of our world now, and the policies that are in place and the policies that are being taken to legislation, you're looking at a government that is showing you blatantly and boldly that they don't care about the people."

Hewitt said now is the right time to resurrect the poor people's campaign.

"Let me break it down simply; slavery, ghettos, white flight, segregation, desegregation, food deserts, gentrification; how am I supposed to succeed when the chips are literally against me," said Hewitt.

50 years have passed since the original campaign and while the demands have been updated for the 21st century, the group still expects the same result from lawmakers.

Poor People's Campaign, Larry Bresler said, "To adopt an agenda that will recognize and lift up the poor and disenfranchised people in Ohio and across the country and make a new America."

The campaign here in Ohio, and in 31 other states and the District of Columbia, is set to kick off May 13th. 

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