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37 rescued dogs recovering in Wetzel County


The 37 dogs in bad shape that were seized from a so-called "rescue" in Wetzel County have now been signed over to the county.

Wetzel County Shelter officials say that Hope Valley Rescue owner Katrina Morgan appeared in court Thursday and surrendered ownership of the dogs.

When they were seized, many were emaciated, injured, or suffering from Parvo.

Several are still being treated at Town and Country Animal Clinic.

After they recover and gain strength, they'll all be available for adoption.

They include Huskies, Boxers, Blue Heelers, Pit Bull mixes, and a Great Dane.



37 dogs living at a so-called "rescue" in Wetzel County have been seized by the Wetzel County Animal Shelter.

Shelter officials say neighbors contacted them repeatedly about poor conditions at the so-called Hope Valley Rescue. They say some of the dogs were emaciated, others were wounded, and still, others are suffering from Parvo.

About a third of them are in isolation at Town and Country Animal Clinic in Marshall County, ranging from seriously ill to just coming down with symptoms, "We have 13 puppies here from the hoarding situation. We worry with the way Parvo works that there's a very high chance that they will develop more significant signs down the road. As a matter of fact, one of the ones that was healthy just started with symptoms today. So it's unfortunate," said Dr.  Jennifer Stout with Town & Country Animal Clinic.

Shelter officials are asking for your help. They say they need people to foster some of these dogs for a while, once they recover. They say Hope Valley Rescue is owned by Katrina Morgan.

Shelter officials say they are going to press charges.

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