West Virginia performs statewide tornado drill

Tornadoes are not a very common thing here in the Ohio Valley, but they do happen on occasion.

Tuesday morning at 10 AM, the state of West Virginia had a tornado drill as part of the state's severe weather awareness week. If you are under a tornado warning, make sure you go to the inner most spot in your home away from any windows.

Marshall county emergency management director Tom Hart says this is a great opportunity to prepare both the people and the alert systems in case there is an emergency. "It's a good opportunity to be able to test equipment like that with the all hazards NOAA weather radios and then also to the automatic emergency notification system, the wireless notification system where you can receive emergency information on your cell phone, your landline, via email, or your text messages as well."

If you are a Marshall county resident, you can just text "MarshallWVAlerts" to 63910, and you are automatically signed up for any emergency alerts. You can also download our Stormtracker 7 weather app. It's free and available in your Google Play or App stores, just make sure your notifications are turned on.

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