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College Gets New Name And New Mission

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Belmont Technical College is becoming Belmont College.

The name change officially takes place July 1.

But the signs and logos are already changing, and they say their mission actually changed several years ago.

"The courses are all part of a common course system in Ohio so that if you take English 101 at Belmont College, that's essentially like taking English 101 at any of the state universities," said Dr. Joseph Bukowski, president of Belmont College.

Angela Durbin, a registered nursing major, will be one of the first students to graduate from Belmont College.

"It's been a very smooth transition," Durbin said. "The college has handled everything well. They're professional and there's been no struggle to the students at all."

The college president says there's a lot in a name, and that people perceive a technical college quite differently than a college.

"Belmont has been such a gem in this community for so long," said Bukowski. "We have thousands and thousands of our graduates who are working, leading productive lives. Yet technical colleges tend to be relegated to the lower rung."

And he believes with its new identity, Belmont College--which currently has 2100 students--will attract even more.

"The big advantage for families is that their son or daughter can go through a community college without incurring any debt because our tuition is so affordable," said Bukowski.

The school has already undergone one name change.

It was founded in 1971, originally named Belmont Technical Institute.