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W.Va. Delegate Ryan Ferns Will Not Resign Legislative Seat

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Delegate Ryan Ferns announced today that he has reconsidered his original decision and will not resign his legislative seat, serving out the remainder of the term to which the voters of Ohio County, West Virginia elected him in the West Virginia House of Delegates. "I have come to this decision after much soul searching. It is based upon the outpouring of public support that I have received both in personal contact and encouragement from friends and supporters, as well as the support I received from the voters of the 3rd District in this past Tuesday's primary election. It is my belief that the citizens of the 3rd Delegate District will be best served by my completing the term to which I was elected."

Delegate Ferns further announced that he has not arrived at a decision as to whether he will be filing a petition with the West Virginia Secretary of State's Office to remove his name from the ballot for the General Election to be held in November of 2012. "While I know that I have made some personal mistakes in the past, I have been encouraged by many people to continue to seek re-election. At the same time, I do not wish to have my personal mistakes be the focus of any election, I truly believe that any such contest should be one about the issues."

Delegate Ferns announced further that while he has made no decision concerning leaving his name on the ballot for the 2012 General Election, a decision will be made and announced in the coming days. "T he public's encouragement has lead me to believe that I could seek re-election with a campaign that focuses on the issues our region and State face, as well as my past service as one of the Delegates in the 3rd District. However, I will use the next few days to reflect and consult with family, friends and colleagues, and make the determination as to whether I and my family are willing to undergo the personal scrutiny that such a decision will undoubtedly bring about from my opponent and my opponent's supporters. I will make this announcement as soon as reasonably possible, so that all concerned may take appropriate actions based upon my decision. It is ultimately my goal to ensure that the voters of the 3rd Delegate District are allowed to decide who will best represent them in the West Virginia House of Delegates."