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It's the Wrong Year, But A Few 17-Year Locusts Are Here

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They are the least popular insect you can find.

The Periodical Cicada or 17-Year Locust only appear in an area once every 17 years.

But Ohio Valley residents tell us they're seeing some now, even though they're not due for another four years.

They are not in the massive numbers we saw in 1999,  but they're back, prompting people to call their county extension agents.

County agents in Belmont, Monroe and Ohio counties have gotten calls.

And they confirm the bugs are indeed 17-year Locusts, that got a little off schedule.

"Every year somewhere will get them," explained Ohio County Extension Agent John Miller. "You know, there are different groups of them. So these that are coming out now, they've been in the soil for 17 years. It's a small group. It seems to be centralized in Marshall County."

Miller says the Periodical Cicada is one of nature's most amazing creatures, harmful to trees to not to people.

Their last visit to the Ohio Valley was in 1999, and it was memorable.

"The big group, called the clutch, was due in 1999 and it came," recalls Miller. "There were literally billions of them. They harassed a lot of people. They only last about a month. And then of course they lay their eggs and die, and other things eat them. And so in 2016, you'd better get your netting out!"