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Prescription Drug Problem Makes Being a Pharmacist a Dangerous Job

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There is no doubt there has been a rise in armed pharmacy robberies.  As drug addicts become desperate to get their next high, lives can be in danger.

"Make no mistake we have a drug problem out there and people need there drugs," said Pharmacist J.J. Bernabei.  "There is danger out there that wasn't there before."

Despite increased security now occurring in drug stores, Bernabei says he feels safe in both his Weirton and Follansbee locations.  He admits he has taken steps to keep his employees safe.

"Our employees, like the majority across the nation, have special training to handle encounters of that nature whether they're armed or not," said Bernabei.

He points out that these robberies are happening because people are desperate.

"The thing is, when you're addicted and you need to get more, you'll come to drastic measures and you'll go to a pharmacy without a prescription and you'll rob them," said Bernabei. spoke with other pharmacists who are also concerned their safety and, like the Warwood pharmacist, they too are getting permits to carry guns.