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Wegee and Pipe Creek Floods Occurred June 14, 22 Years Ago

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It's a sad anniversary of perhaps the worst natural disaster in Ohio Valley history.

It was 22 years ago that Wegee and Pipe creeks flooded, creating a wall of water that washed away houses, vehicles and even people.

In the end, 24 people died along the banks of those creeks, and another two on Cumberland Run.

Esther Williams of Wegee Creek says she read in the morning paper about the anniversary.

She said the memories came rushing back.

"Very, very devastating," Williams said. Losing friends, neighbors. Watching the neighbor's house on Pipe Creek as it was washed away."

Esther and her husband lived on Pipe Creek at the time, but her parents lived on Wegee.

She was determined to go to them, but it was almost impossible to get there.

"It was hard getting to them," she said. "It took me all day, eight hours. And when I got there, I couldn't find them. And then when I finally found them, they were OK. I thought they were gone. But thank God, they weren't."

She says their yard was strewn with debris, including a truck leaking gas.

She says it looked and smelled like mud for weeks.

And now, 22 years later, Esther and her husband now live in her late parents' house on Wegee Creek.

The creek is just a trickle most of the time.

But Esther Williams still remembers that wall of water, and she still worries about flooding.

"Every day, every day," she admits. "When that creek gets on a roll and out on the road, yes, I sure do."

One man said he lost his sister and brother-in-law that night, and he still can't talk about it.

It has come to be known as the Flood of Tears.