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Pediatric Care

Pediatric Care:

The first 12 to 16 months are vital in regard to your baby, especially when it comes to walking, growth and development of the lower extremities. Should you notice a pigeon toe, flat feet or curving of "bowing" of the legs, please consult with Dr. Moore.

Symptoms: If your baby isn't walking by 18 months of if your baby only walks on his or her toes. Any other concerns about you're the development of your baby's feet and legs. Some examples of pediatric lower extremity problems are Metatarsus adductus, internal tibial torsion and excess femoral anteversion. If untreated or corrected the baby will have developmental problems.

Treatment: It is vital that you have your baby examined by a podiatrist should you have any concern about your baby's development. There are many different treatments that can be applied early on to insure that your baby has a healthy development.