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Second Alleged Steubenville Rape Case

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Police say Monday afternoon a mother brought her 14-year-old daughter into the detective's office to report a sexual assault that allegedly took place in Steubenville back in April.

The girl's mother told police she just found out about the rape on Sunday because her daughter was too afraid to tell anyone. She allegedly kept her secret for five months.

"Preliminary information was gathered and the juvenile officer who is trained in investigating juvenile sexual assaults contacted her," says Steubenville Police Chief Bill McCafferty. "An appointment was set up [Monday] to interview the juvenile victim."

This comes on the heels of another rape case several weeks ago in Steubenville where a 16 year old was allegedly raped at a party. Two teens are behind bars charged with the rape and kidnapping of that young girl.

Police are not saying whether these cases are related because at this point the investigation has just begun.

According to McCafferty there have been rumors going around about the police department not interviewing the victim until Thursday. McCafferty wanted to clear up those rumors.

"There's a lot of stories on social media and talk radio," says McCafferty.  "You can say whatever you want whether it's true or not. We don't respond to them usually. As far as I'm concerned, this case is being investigated properly, in a timely manner."

They've added another juvenile officer to assist the detective due to his heavy workload lately. 

The next step for the detective will be to take what he learned during the interview today and decide what to do from there.