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Two Steubenville Teens will Stay at Detention Center

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The two Steubenville teenagers charged with allegedly raping and kidnapping a juvenile girl were in court Friday morning for their probable cause hearing.

However, Hamilton County Judge Thomas Lipps decided not to hold the probable cause hearing yet because the prosecution does not have the physical evidence it's searching for in its hands yet.

Defense Attorneys believe that Judge Lipps should have went through with the probable case hearing today.

"We are disappointed with the outcome today. We believe that the information that we have been provided to date and the evidence that we have been provided does not support the heinous nature of the crimes alleged. All we do for the next four weeks is wait," says Brian Duncan, one of the defense attorneys.

The next step will be to have the probable cause hearing October 12th at 10:30 am. During that hearing the two teens will find out whether they will be tried as juveniles or adults. This depends on age, the seriousness of the crime, and prior crime record.

The hearing gave the defendants the chance to request that their clients be released until the next hearing. Judge Lipps denied that request saying that due to the seriousness of the crimes, they must remain behind bars.

"He's a tough individual. He's upset and he's clearly disappointed with the outcome today I believe, as we were as well," says Duncan of his client.

No comment from the prosecution; they are unable to comment on ongoing cases. The defense is staying positive that the residents of Steubenville are not passing unfair judgement on their clients.

"We can only hope that the community surrounding this individual as well as the alleged victim would at least attempt to pass or hold off on passing judgement until all the alleged evidence is set out and we have the sufficient opportunity to review the evidence and present our case," says Duncan.

There has not been any evidence presented by the state. Only speculation of photos, videos and text messages.

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