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National No-Text Pledge Day Assembly Takes Place at Steubenville High School

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Texting and driving has killed over 100,000 people last year alone.

Today is national no-text pledge day marked by AT&T. A representative from the national telephone company, AAA, Ohio Highway patrol and state legislature all spoke at Steubenville High School this morning about the dangers of texting while driving. The assembly was held to educate young people about the new law, but more importantly, public safety.

The texting and driving law came into effect August 31st in Ohio. This law states that anyone 18 and under caught texting while driving is a primary offense whereas anyone 18 and over will be charged with a secondary offense. Now whether that person looks under 18 is under the discretion of the officer. Officers will use a moving violation to determine whether someone is texting.

"We are really trying to strongly encourage the youth and the Ohio valley to wait, it can wait. Texting can wait until they're safely at a stop and not driving," says Lou Gentile, State Senator.

AT and T informed the students of an app that is available to Blackberry and Droid users. This app is called Drive Mode. It will send a message back to anyone who texts you that you are currently driving and will text them back when at your destination safely.

AT and T would like everyone to sign the pledge on to stop texting and driving.