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City of Steubenville Develops Strategic Plan

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The city of Steubenville has developed a 10 year action plan to "provide dignified housing, useful employment, pure air and water, efficient transportation, excellent education, health, safety, recreation and culture, and all other conditions conducive to human growth" according to their mission statement.

City council and City Manager Cathy Davison have compiled a list of goals that they would like to see reached in the next 10 years starting in October of 2010 when the plan was originally adopted by city council.

"When I first came here, I really am a firm believer in a city having a road map to the future of where they see themselves, you know two, four, six, even ten years down the road. This allows us to set goals out and to have a vision of where and what the city is going to be," says City Manager Cathy Davison.

The city will be focusing on the internal workings of the city such as regionalizing partnerships with the county and other communities in the area.

They will also increase police presence by having more patrol cars and a heavier presence in the juvenile division. More security and cameras will also be added.

"They should monitor [alleys] more. Especially certain alleys behind Rite Aid right across from Commercial Street. You see a lot [of crime]. There's a blind spot," says Deborah Gassbarrow of Steubenville.

The city will also try to improve its appearance by upgrading the entrance to the city and fixing the lighting in parks. Residents can get involved in the city's progress by downloading the Steubenville App which allows people to report concerns they have directly to the city.

"I think that especially in the day and age where everyone is busy, they're working, they're going to school, they have a family, and a lot of times when people see something, it's after hours and the city is closed. So this is the best way 24/7 to get a hold of us. Obviously you can email us or you can email me directly at or call us at 283-6000," says Davison.

The plan also focuses on bringing more businesses to the town and providing services at the most cost effective way possible.

The next step in the plan will be continuing partnership with the county. City officials will have their second meeting with Port Authority on October 2.