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Wheeling Police Training Officers for Bike Patrols

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The Wheeling Police Department is reintegrating bicycle patrols into many of their activities.

Tuesday, Lieutenant Phil Redford was training a group of officers on their bikes.


The Police Chief has decided to try utilizing the bicycle patrols in area's of high crime. Redford says that when patrolling on a bike, an officer's senses are heightened, making it easier to detect crime.

Redford says a bicycle is more stealth-like and an officer can come across things on a bike that they wouldn't see in a car, but they can't hit the streets until they are fully certified.

Tuesday, Redford was conducting a course that is sanctioned by the International Police Mountain Bike Association.

"It's a week-long course where officers are taught slow speed balance techniques, they are taught how to get over obstacles, such as curbs and stairs," Redford said. "They are also taught tactics, such as apprehending a suspect from a bicycle, and using a firearm."

Thursday, the officers will spend a day at the range, learning how to use their firearms while on bike patrols.

Last week, Redford said seven officers completed the course and were certified. Six officers are in the course this week.

In addition to high crime areas, Redford said it's the chief's intent to utilize these officers during special events like the Christmas parade and the Fourth of July.