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Wheeling Park students weigh in on Presidential Debate

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Millions of voters across the country sat and watched the Presidential Debate Wednesday evening. Among those were Wheeling Park High School debate students, some not even able to vote this year but still watching critically as the candidates debated. A day later they broke down who they feel took the win.

"Personally on style, Mitt Romney won big, but on substance neither one gave a lot of detail but I do feel of what details I heard more from the president," said one student.

"I think Romney was much more confident in what he was saying so I think overall he had a better appearance and he was more likeable so I would say he won," said sophomore Kathleen Buch.

Naturally with any debate team, not every person felt Romney won.

"Honestly I wasn't really satisfied with how it went but I think Obama did better than Romney personally, I think he held himself better, and was more else," said senior Rishi Chandrasekhar. "Not more eloquent but his points were clearer for me than Romney and he had more substance to what he said than what Romney said."

There was one thing they could agree on and that was better explanations to what they actually said.

"They both have very likeable plans and they said something that could be very appealing to both republicans and democrats but neither one really said how they're going to accomplish," students said. "They just gave you the big idea and that was it, and maybe a half layer in. Talking about your plan and what you're going to do not just saying words and rhetoric to just say I'm going to make more jobs, how?"

While Romney and Obama are off to their next campaign stop, these state champions are off to their next class.

The students did say they are excited for the next debate as the Vice Presidential candidates take the podium. Their interest is in how a younger politician will take on a seasoned one.