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INSIDE TRACK: Fall Talladega Review

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Talladega, Al -

This weekend the Sprint Cup guys were at the biggest, fastest track in NASCAR, Talladega Super Speedway.   Everyone in the stands knew the big one was coming, everyone in the pits knew the big one was coming, and everyone behind the wheel knew the big one was coming.  The question was when and who?  

Would it be Cole Whitt and Carl Edwards on lap 17 or Matt Kenseth a few laps later?  Could it be Kurt Busch in his last race with Phoenix Racing?  Who would have thought it would waited to lap 189, in a green-white-checkered restart and it would be started by current Champ Tony Stewart. Stewart attempted to block the number 55 of Michael Waltrip. 

Race winner, Matt Kenseth, was glad to see the carnage in his rear view mirror.  Kenseth told reporters, "Well, I saw Tony's back bumper. I saw him getting spun out. I don't know how that happened or how he got in that position. But I saw him spinning out. We were clear of him. I didn't know if Kevin was still back there. You check your mirror in a lot of these places.  I looked in the mirror and there was nobody back there. I thought that it was our race then. So just kind of slowed down and got it back to the finish."

Jeff Gordon's season of bad luck finally may have swung to the good.  When Kyle Busch hit his rear bumper, it turned him away from the accident. Later Gordon said, "I saw smoke. When I saw smoke, everybody checked up in a hurry, and I hit the 5 and the 18 hit me, and it just turned me right down to the apron and I drove by pretty much everybody but the 17. So we got really lucky there. Like you said, it keeps the championship hopes alive."

Likewise, third place finisher, Kyle Busch slipped past the twenty-five car pile up.  Busch said, "I got behind Jeff who was behind the 5 who was behind the 15. I was quarter throttle running all over the 24, we just weren't going anywhere. The outside lanes were kind of going by us, and got to turn three and the wreck ensued. Hopefully Tony's all right and everybody that got banged up there.  But it turned Jeff just enough to turn me and we got through there all right. It's good to come out here unscathed and have the car in one piece."