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Confusion Over Seal on Belmont County Absentee Ballot

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Tuesday at the Belmont County Board of Elections, workers were busy sorting through a large batch of absentee ballots just delivered through the mail. Some people in Belmont County say they are having trouble getting their ballots mailed in.

"When a person applies for an absentee ballot, they will receive the ballot, an I. D. envelope, and a return envelope," said William Shubat, Director of Belmont County Board of Elections.

According to Shubat, once you vote and fill out the complete ballot, it's just like any other type of envelope you mail out, you have to seal it. Evidently, some people are having trouble getting their envelopes to seal. Shubat said that's not a big problem.

"If for some reason, it does not seal," he said. "You just simply put a piece of scotch tape across it."

If an envelope is returned to the Board of Elections that is not sealed, Shubat told 7News that they are allowed by law to put a piece of scotch tape on it to seal it.

While some are worried that their votes won't count if they can't get the envelope to seal, that's not the case.
"It will be counted, I guarantee you," Shubat said. "If the ballots get here by 7:30 p.m. on election night, they will be counted."

Shubat said it's best to clearly follow the instructions that are written on your ballot. The instructions will tell you how to vote for each race, and how many people you are allowed to vote for. 

Shubat also says that some people are confusing absentee application forms with junk mail, and are accidentally tossing them in the trash. This past Friday, the Secretary of State mailed out a second batch of over 350,000 forms. Shubat said that when you receive them they will be clearly marked as mail from Secretary of State Husted, and you can fill the form out and mail it back in.