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Bicycle Shop Conversation Is All About Lance Armstrong's Fall From Grace

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At the Quick Service Bicycle Shop in Aetnaville, in Belmont County, they sell, repair, ride, eat, sleep and breathe bicycles.

And Lance Armstrong, more than anyone else, got the whole world excited about cycling.

"Most of the people in the United States were watching the Tour de France when Lance was involved in it," said Kathleen Reed, owner of Quick Service Bicycle Shop. "I mean we would watch the Europeans and the Spaniards and so forth, but a lot more people watched, I think, when Lance was involved."

So Lance Armstrong being stripped of all 7 Tour de France medals made this a sad day at the bicycle shop.

"All those governing bodies in cycling deemed him as a doper," said Dave Crow, manager. "And it's very unfortunate but I think one of the key things we want to focus on here is that cycling should continue on in a clean way, avoid the drugs, and do proper training and proper nutrition."

But they feel there are some accomplishments that can't be taken away from Armstrong.

"He was definitely an icon and a figurehead on many fronts, as far as the cancer foundation he established and all of his advancements in cycling, developing the bikes for track, all the marketing and all that. He was an excellent businessman and athlete."

"I think the scandal doesn't negate his legacy and all the good work he did for raising money for cancer research," said Valerie Reed. "And I think it's important to keep advocacy for cycling in the forefront and keep moving forward."

They says it's an old sport and a worldwide one, and it won't go away even though its heroes have not always behaved heroically.