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"Frankenstorm" or "The Perfect Storm" Needs Careful Scrutiny

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The phone at the 7 News Weather Center has been ringing off the hook.

We'll see a crash from 80 degrees this week to the 30s next week.

And next Tuesday and Wednesday could possibly look white and frozen, with snow, high winds and white-outs.

"We could see some gusts of wind at 60 miles per hour," said Brian Davis, 7 News meteorologist. "This could be a worst case scenario. Very large snowflakes. Also some bad roads. Also some power outages could be possible with this."

Davis says advance preparation is important, even essential.

He says being prepared means being armed with up-to-date information that you can get on 7 News.

"Dr. Dave and myself will be in here as needed as a weather team," says Davis. "We're going to be the calm voice of the storm. We're going to give you a non-hyped version of what's going on. We're going to give you the truth as to what's happening with the storm."

He says it will begin this weekend with wind and rain.

And the worst part could hit Tuesday and Wednesday.

"And unfortunately at a bad time when we could have a lot of kids out wanting to go trick-or-treating," Davis noted.

This weather pattern is being dubbed by the media  "The Perfect Storm" or "Frankenstorm."

"I do think that this will be a storm that will be remembered for years to come," Davis said.

And it could be a Halloween that looks and feels more like Christmas.