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Girl Attempts Suicide After Being Bullied, Mother Speaks Out

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Janis Gearhart's 14-year-old daughter was an eighth grader at Martins Ferry Middle School.

Janis says the normally happy teen was harassed, laughed at, pushed and called names.

One night it became more than she could bear.

"It came to a point where she was so upset by what was going on at school, online and at the football games that she came to me at 1:30 a.m., Oct. 21, bleeding from the wrists where she had cut herself with a razor blade," says Gearhart.

She was hospitalized for a week.

She and her family have been told by several witnesses that the bullies kept up the barrage of cruelty in the school cafeteria, even in her absence.

"Things like 'She should have done a better job,' and 'If she had cut deeper she wouldn't be a problem anymore,' " quoted Gearhart.

She says another student who was also bullied attempted suicide by taking an overdose.

Gearhart's daughter is out of the hospital now, and is going to school online.

She says she doesn't want to go back to Martins Ferry Middle School, and her mother says she understands.

"And I can't send her back into that environment," says Gearhart. "Because I'm not going to be the parent who buries her child who kills herself due to bullying."

While several parents are upset at what they perceive as the school's lack of action, the superintendent says there is an investigation.

"It just takes a little while," says Superintendent Dirk Fitch. "We try to get to the bottom of it the best we can. And we just hope that when a situation does occur, that everybody's safe while we're investigating, and like I said, it just takes a little time."

He says there are consequences for the bullies, but he says he can't disclose what they are.