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2 Steubenville Teens will be Tried as Juveniles and are Out of Detention Facility

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Hamilton County Judge Thomas Lipps has ruled two Steubenville teens charged with rape, will be tried as juveniles.

Judge Lipps just released the two from detention after they have been in the facility for more than two months.

The judge said they will be electronically monitored by probation officers and will have to attend a court alternative school during the week.

There are other restrictions from the judge.

The teens are allowed to go to school, church and to places only if there parents are taking them.

As for their release, Judge Lipps said the rehabilitation services are well adapted and well prepared to deal with them.

''But this doesn't mean this isn't  a serious crime and they could be placed back in jail at any time.' said Judge Lipps.

A pre- trial hearing is set for December 14 at 10:30 a.m.

Prosecutors called one witness Thursday, the victim's mother to talk about what her daughter has gone through.

One of the defense attorneys called character witnesses for one of the two teens .

They included two football coaches, and a guardian who testified about the one teen's academic records and various awards he has won.

The other defense attorney is presenting character witnesses as well Thursday afternoon.

The two Steubenville Big Red students were originally charged with rape and kidnapping back in August when a juvenile and her parents reported the incident to police.

In October, the kidnapping charge was dropped at their probable cause hearing.