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Shadyside Police respond to domestic situation; Middle School monitors situation

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A domestic situation in Shadyside Tuesday morning put Leona Middle School on alert and police into action.

According to the Shadyside Police Department a couple had gotten into an argument in a house located near Leona Middle School.

The man involved reportedly left the home, slamming the door and breaking glass.

A neighbor heard the commotion and called police.

Because the home was located near one of the schools and they didn't know where the man went Superintendent Terry Brinker took immediate action, just in case.

"We quickly notified our building administration who were in contact with staff and what we were doing was monitoring our classrooms and students even more so today because of the incident occurring here in the village," said Brinker

The school wasn't forced to go into a lock down situation but they were preparing to if necessary.

Once the school was notified the man had left the village the decided they could go back to a normal day routine.

The woman involved in the incident was arrested for disorderly conduct.