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Outcome of Vote Canvass in Marshall County Should be Known Wednesday

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WTRF Update

The vote canvass in the race for Marshall County Commissioner will continue Wednesday.

According to the Commissioners office,vote counting will resume at 4 p.m.

The stakes are high for incumbent Jake Padlow and challenger Bob Miller.

Padlow was angry as the canvass started Tuesday, lashing out at the county clerk for the mistake that led to the race still being up in the air.

Prosecutor Jeff Kramer said it wasn't the time or place to discuss it.

Bob Miller, Padlow's Republican challenger, says he believes it was an honest mistake.

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The ballot counting is going on for hours.

It's not your ordinary vote canvass, since a human error at first indicated that Jake Padlow had won, when it later turned out that Bob Miller got more votes.

And it could change again.

The canvass began as Commissioner Jake Padlow lashed out at the county clerk about the mistake which suddenly showed Padlow didn't get re-elected.

"You don't--you don't-- make mistakes like this in elections," said Padlow. "Is it 'just a mistake' and 'sorry'? Well I'm telling you this. It isn't good enough, Miss Pest. It isn't good enough! Not for me and not for the voters of this county!"

Prosecutor Jeff Kramer cautioned Padlow that the county's vote canvass wasn't the time or place for this sort of talk.

"Your concerns are valid," Kramer told Padlow. "But I don't think it should be brought up at this point."

Padlow was not to be silenced, however, insisting that seals were broken on ballot bags.

County Clerk Jan Pest said the seals on the PEBs or Personal Electronic Ballot bags-- were indeed broken, just as they always are, and that it's perfectly proper.

But Padlow was not convinced.

"So you're telling me that two people can go in that room and break the seals on an election-- on an election-- and that's OK!" Padlow said. "If you've done it every year, then you know what? It's wrong! And it's not going to happen again!"

Then Padlow stepped down from the commission desk, saying he wanted to recuse himself from the canvass.

That meant the commissioners had to choose a new president for the purpose of this proceeding.

Commissioner Don Mason stepped into that position.

The prosecutor picked two numbers from a paper bag.

Those two precincts were to be hand-counted, a painstaking and slow process.

All the while, local officials, someone from the W.Va. Secretary of State's Office, lawyers and courthouse staff stood by, watching.

In the meantime, Padlow's Republican challenger Bob Miller says either way, he's not angry, and realizes that mistakes happen.

Several staff members said canvassing takes hours under the best and least complicated conditions.

This time, they say they could still be there until the sun comes up.