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Police Have Suspect in Union Local Threats

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One student has confessed to threats made at the Union Local High School and middle school, while another student has confessed to threats made at the elementary school. At 1 p.m. today, one threat was found on a partition in the restroom at the elementary school while another threat was found at 1:30 p.m. on a restroom floor at the elementary school. Elementary school students were taken to the gym where parents then picked them up, according to Superintendent Kirk Glasgow UPDATE

Police have a suspect in two of five threats made at Union Local School buildings. The suspect is allegedly connected with threats made at the high school and middle school. On Tuesday, two more threats were discovered at the elementary school, bringing the total number of threats to five in less than a week, according to Superintendent Kirk Glasgow.




After three threats at Union Local Schools in the last week, administrators and parents have had enough.

Monday wasn't the first threat but school officials are hoping it's the last.

The latest in the string of threats came in form of a note found on the floor in a hallway at the middle school that put administrators and parents on edge once again.

"Do I think it's real? I don't know, I just can't take any chances, I feel the same way with every one of them; puts a pit in my stomach, I want everyone out of harms way very quickly," said Kirk Glasgow, Superintendent of Union Local Schools.

After Monday's threat, and the others, students were immediately evacuated to a safe place. Glasgow stressed the impact this has on the students who are being taken out of class and away from time that should be spent learning.

"They need every minute they can get in the classroom and it takes time away from that," Glasgow said.

It's not just the kids being taken away from class but also the parents away from their jobs when they have to come pick their children up.

Joe Hernandez, who has two children in Union Local Schools, says there needs to be an end to this.

"It's terrible, to begin with, all of us parents work, so when something happens like this we have to cut our day short, find some type of way to come down here and get our kids. This is getting old," Hernandez said.

Hernandez did commend the school however, saying the staff has been amazing by getting the kids out and to a safe place, also that parents have been able to get their kids relatively quickly.

On Tuesday, the school will be holding an assembly with students in each school to go over the seriousness of making these types of threats.

Glasgow sent a letter to parents illustrating the consequences of making threats like this.

Under Federal Law, the penalty is up to 10 years in prison and a fine of $250,000, which includes juveniles.

Under Ohio Law, making this type of threat is classified as a felony.

And under Union Local School District's Policy, a person would receive one full year of expulsion.

"It's not something to laugh at and think it's a joke, once the person is caught they'll find out that it's not so funny," said Glasgow.

Glasgow urges anyone with any questions or concerns to call him at (740) 782-1978, ext. 25.