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School Officials Say Threats Must Stop And Culprits Will Be Found

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It's a serious offense, not a prank.

That was the message that Union Local School officials delivered Tuesday morning to students and staff regarding the three threats that have been made against the school in less than a week.

When a threat is made, a lot goes on behind the scenes that people don't know about.

It's dangerous, and it's also expensive.

They say the bomb detecting dogs and their handlers cost $600 an hour to bring in from Columbus.

Monday's school lunch was canceled and all the food was wasted.

Off duty bus drivers were brought in to take students home early.

Students were sent home early, but parents had no advance notice and many were not home.

School officials say kids have no idea of the spin-off problems it causes.

They say it's not a prank, it's a crime.

"And if you think bomb threats are going to get you out of school, I've got news for you," said Sam Lucas, Union Local Middle School principal. "Somebody's eventually going to get caught.  In fact, I've already pulled this out of my pocket. It's a $100 bill, and I've already talked to a few kids about it this morning. You need $100 cash and you need money for Christmas? I've got $100 in my pocket. You can be a detective."

"You are the best detectives we have," said Union Local Superintendent Kirk Glasgow. "The Sheriff's Department is pretty dag-gone good in this county. But you guys can come to us with anything you have on your minds. We need to hear it. This could be the direct result of a bullying thing. I want that to stop. Stop the bullying. Stop making fun of people. It's ridiculous."

The Belmont County Sheriff's Department was on hand for the assembly.

The students were told that making such threats is a local, state and federal crime.

The superintendents told the students to take two messages home to their parents-- that the students are safe and in no danger, and that the culprits will be found and punished.