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Authorities Investigating Threat at Bridgeport Post Office

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It's back to business as usual at the Bridgeport Post Office, after a telephone threat Thursday prompted police to evacuate the building and call in the bomb squad. Police Chief Andy Klotz says the Muskingum County K-9 Unit responded, examined every inch of the building and found it free of explosives.

Investigators are working to trace the threatening call. Nearby residents were notified of the threat and urged to leave their homes, but one man told 7News he stayed home, and so did his neighbors.

Mayor John Callarik says village officials had to let them know about the threat.

"But if we didn't approach it the way we did, if there was something there, it would be really bad," he said.

Friday, people going to the post office spoke out about the incident that did what is never done, it shut down the post office.

"I think a lot of people want to play jokes a lot of times," said Cheryl Wiselka of Canton, Ohio. "But it's something you really need to take seriously. I'm glad they didn't find anything."

"Very nasty on a holiday week to do and close down traffic when you see the tractor-trailer trying to turn around up there. It was bad," said Joyce Geer of Wheeling.

In this week between two major holidays, investigators are working behind the scenes to find the culprit.

"You wonder what kind of people would do something like this, call in and get people all stirred up. It's dangerous," Callarik said.