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Jefferson County Sheriff addresses corruption allegations

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Late Friday evening Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla held a brief, but stern press conference about how his agency will handle the group responsible for the Occupy Steubenville movement.

"We hope it's as peaceful as the last one," Abdalla said.

But as the sheriff and his department gear up for the massive amount of expected supporters, he also said he'll soon be setting his sights on the person responsible for leaking personal information on the internet.

"Now listen Anonymous, whoever is out there. You can say whatever you want to say about me,  but when you start attacking children and putting their names out where everyone can see and putting out their addresses,  then I'm coming after you," Abdalla said.

Abdalla claims the personal information of several of the families in the Steubenville area were intentionally outted.

One Anonymous protestor told "we're hear to give a voice to the voiceless, and let people know that we are not going to take this anymore." 

Several law enforcement agencies in the area became the target of the group Anonymous, including the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department. 

When asked about the alleged corruption in his department, Abdalla quickly responded, "if you think I'm corrupt, prove it! If you think the Steubenville Police Department is corrupt, prove it! Put up or shut up. I stand on my record as sheriff of this county and I fear no man."

Only time will tell as to the success of Sheriff Abdalla's investigation into the identity of Anonymous; in the meantime the focus will remain on the protest slated for Saturday at noon at the Jefferson County Courthouse.

"We're here to give a voice to the voiceless and let people know that we are not going to take this anymore," an Anonymous told

Stay tuned for continuing coverage on the #OccupySteubenville protest.