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Bridgeport Mayor Speaks on Absent Council Members

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State EPA representatives came to a Bridgeport council meeting Tuesday to discuss the serious problem of mixing sanitary sewer water with storm sewer water. Mayor John Callarik said they didn't have a quorum and thus were unable to vote. 

Callarik said three council members did not attend that meeting. EPA representatives drove for hours to get to a meeting where no action could be taken. He says it clearly indicates an uncooperative spirit among several council members. Callarik said they managed to make some progress, but he says it was a little awkward. 

"Only thing saved us, it's the water board trustees, they're in the Soil and Water, they were there, they agreed to go along with it, I agreed as the mayor. We have to go along with it," he said. "If we don't we could get penalized. It was good the EPA's with us. They could understand it, but I know they was kind of let down about it. They asked, ‘where's the rest of your council people." 

Council President David Smith says all three council members who did not attend had notified the Mayor's Office in advance that they couldn't be there, and asked that the meeting be rescheduled to a date when they could attend. The mayor says he received only two of their messages, and thought the third council member was coming, and that they'd had a quorum.