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Bridgeport Village Council Addresses "Personality Conflicts"

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Bridgeport Village Council had to meet for the second week in a row but Tuesday's meeting was quite different from the last one.

For this meeting, there was a packed house and a clear difference in personalities amongst council and Bridgeport Mayor John Callarik.

Village Solicitor Mark Thomas, who's job is to advise the village on legal matters, stepped in at one point to offer his advice.

"Tonight's council meeting is an example of what should not happen and unfortunately has happened where there's some personality conflicts that ultimately get in the way of effective logical and constructive village business," said Thomas.

Bridgeport City Council President David Smith, who was voted in for a second term at Tuesday's meeting, admitted they do have some conflict.

"There needs to be more communication and that comes from all of council with the mayor's office, For business to be conducted properly within the village we need to have everyone involved," said Miller.

Problems erupted at last week's meeting when residents voiced concerns over missing council members from the meeting. In a what was called a "misunderstanding in communication," it was determined that the missing members had notified the proper people that they would not be there.

During the meeting council president Miller made a motion to put a set attendance policy and procedure in place for when members could not make meetings.

Mayor Kallarik said the council needs to stand up for themselves. He also thinks things will settle down eventually.