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Bethany President Signs Letter Curtailing Gun Violence

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Bethany College President Scott Miller has pledged to lead what a letter describes as, "a long overdue national conversation about mass killings and gun violence." 

"There's a need for activity right now and we as educational leaders just shouldn't be out there offering advice," said Miller. "We need to be actively involved seeing that a change occurs." 

The letter that Miller signed, originated by the President of Emerson College in Boston, also calls for "curtailing access to assault weapons." It goes on to assert those weapons have no place in the hands of "civilians." 

"There's a difference between Second Amendment rights and the guns, the military style weapons, the amount of ammunition that people hold," he said. "The gun show loophole, selling guns to people with mental illnesses or criminal records," Miller continued.

But any new federal gun control measure will have to pass through a Congress not entirely convinced an assault weapons ban will solve problems. 

"I think that we all have to take a look at that in a comprehensive package," said Rep. Dave Reichert. (R-Wash.) He continued, "But, standing alone, as I said again yesterday, the assault weapons ban, the magazine limitations, does not solve the problems of gun crime." 

And others wonder why law-abiding citizens require more gun laws.

"A lot of people, it's a sport for them, law abiding citizen who wants to shoot the gun, have fun with it," said one gun purchaser in Philadelphia, Pa.   

Firearms enthusiasts have voted with their wallets.  Gun shops nationwide report sell-outs of rifles facing a possible ban.