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Belmont County Sheriff Offers Advice on Scams

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It could be a call on the phone or a letter in the mail. They might say you've won the sweepstakes or the lottery. The common denominator is this: they want you to send money and it's the same with phony charities.

Belmont County Sheriff Lucas has some advice for anyone who is approached by anyone wanting money. 

"And I tell people unless you know the person personally, or unless they're from the county, don't donate. Because you don't know where that money's going, you don't know where it's going out. You know they'll promise you the world that it's going to be local, going to be this, going to be that. Don't believe it," Lucas said. "Give to your local organization, your local people, your local lodge, it will benefit local. Don't take it out of the area where you'll probably never see it." 

The Lucas said that last year, numerous people were told that their grandson or granddaughter was arrested and jailed in Europe while they were traveling, and that they needed bail money.

He says it seems that once people get wise, the scammers come up with another one. Right now he says it's the "You've won the Lottery" scam, and they are targeting the old and young alike. He says just remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it is.