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Lights Off in Mingo Junction

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One local village has been having a rough time financially and has since then resorted to shutting off half of the lights in order to save money. Mingo Junction Council Chairman Michael Herrick said that the reason why it took the village a little while to sort out the light situation is because he was waiting for the budget from the auditor. 

Herrick was given a budget of $55,000 and after crunching numbers he found that it would save them thousands of dollars to turn off half of the street lights as well as two stop lights. 

"I think we are being fair to the people," said Herrick. "I said from the very beginning I will not shut these lights down for safety purposes and council was very good about that."

Herrick said he wants all of this situated by the first of February. On Monday he and other councilmen will drive through neighborhoods to see what lights can be turned off. If residents are not satisfied and feel they need a street light on near them, they can call the electric company and will be billed $11 separately, according to Herrick. 

Herrick's main concern is keeping the residents of Mingo Junction safe and believes that this was the best solution.