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Mythology to host workshops to help WV businesses

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There are two questions every business owner should ask themselves — who are we and who are we for?

And Mythology, a West Virginia marketing management and consulting firm, is helping other Mountain State businesses answer those two questions.

Welcome to "Assessimize," a type of strategic marketing workshop offered to help businesses grow.

From Feb. 1 through March 31, Mythology is offering "Assessimize," to West Virginia businesses for $1,500, which it notes is a $2,000 discount from national clients.

"We wanted to invest in that significant discount to West Virginia companies and infuse marketing knowledge throughout our state," explained Jeff James, Mythology CEO.

In these all-day workshops, businesses officials will receive information targeted toward their business about developing brand positioning, targeting customer segments, sticky brand messaging and action-oriented engagement plans that drive revenue, according to Mythology's news release.

"We're pretty excited about it," James said. "We've been doing this since we started as a company and we've ended up doing more than 40 workshops for small startup businesses to Fortune 500 companies."

Businesses also will learn best practice marketing concepts and "generate customer engagement tactics" through content marketing, social media, search engines and viral marketing.

James said the workshop helps a business owner "assess and optimize" their market — hence, the name, "assessimize."

"It's full of a-ha moments. It helps you to prioritize customer segments and dig into the nitty gritty of how you can get traditional and digital marketing to achieve your goals," he said.

James said he has seen many benefits from the workshops. One of the biggest benefits, he says, is companies learning their focus.

"The temptation is to not put a stake on the ground and tell people how you're different. It needs to be differentiated. Most companies struggle with this. But that's the fundamental on the brands level — who are we and who are we for?"

He said he also sees people not marketing their business to the fullest potential.

"There are a lot of people who are fairly well-versed in old-school marketing … but they're not as in depth in strategic marketing as it could be."

James said the reason Mythology started these workshops is for people to grasp the pillars of marketing.

"They are exercises in applying these 10 pillars to their business," he said. "That way, you walk out like, ‘Wow, I understand why I have to prioritize certain customers and differentiate my brand from others.'"

Mythology has historically focused on larger organizations because of the more advanced concepts.

"If you're running a dry cleaner, you may not dive too deep in this," he explained. "But MedExpress or other bigger companies and nonprofits do benefit from it. We make it more accessible to a broader cross-section, whether smaller or larger."

James said there are no limits to how many businesses can sign up.

"Just the days of the week," he added, adding workshops must be reserved before March 31. "We have set a window where many may want to try to get them set up. But it's as long as we have available dates."

And most workshops are done on location.

"We would go up anywhere in West Virginia," he said. ‘We are happy to do it on location."

"We love West Virginia," he added. "We are mix of people here that have moved back, originally from here and people who aren't originally from here but love it here. When we first thought about the discount offer, we debated it. Do we want to discount services? We want more companies in West Virginia to embrace best practice level marketing because we see that organizations that do achieve goals and hire people and that's good for the economy."

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