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Jerry Springer Reflects on a Career

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Jerry Springer at rehearsal for "The Price is Right - Live" Jerry Springer at rehearsal for "The Price is Right - Live"

Two American television institutions came together in Wheeling, West Virginia - "The Price is Right - Live" - and none other than the host of the "Jerry Springer Show."  Jerry Springer paces the stage during rehearsal for "The Price is Right Live."  He might have a successful career, but that career came from humble beginnings.

The words seem difficult for Springer to form.  "My family was exterminated in the Holocaust.  And, my mom and dad survived, no one else did.  And then they got to America, where my sister and I were raised.  I was born in England," he said.

He's also graduated from law school, served as Mayor of Cincinnati, and worked as a news anchor. Springer talks of why he believes that talk show has the success it does.

"Because it's so crazy, and so out of the ordinary.  We have a niche, you know.  Our show is about outrageousness," he says without missing a beat.  "People that are outside the norm -- behavior that's inappropriate.  That's what the show is about."

As he expands on his career, some dry humor comes with the conversation as well.

"The show has been on for so long -- it's now the longest running talk show -- that people just identify with it and call up.  We're starting to get the children of our original guests on.  Which is wrong, because these people were told not to procreate,"  Springer says with a faint hint of a smile.

When Springer talks about hosting "The Price is Right - Live",  traces of the old politician inside him come through.

Springer brightens as he speaks.  "It's a fun game, but it's also an opportunity just to talk to the contestants, to talk with the people, and have fun with them.  And that's what I like best about it.  It's a great opportunity to do comedy."

Which may just sum up Jerry Springer at this point in his life. 

"The Price is Right - Live" has several other stops on this national tour, before settling into Las Vegas for a stay.