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Harrison County Sheriff Conducting Monthly Safety Meetings

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Harrison County Sheriff Joe Myers is conducting a series of monthly safety meetings with company, government, and law enforcement officials on topics like obeying traffic rules and safety during emergencies.

The sheriff also conducted a traffic study where the Utica East Ohio Buckeye Harrison Hub facility is under construction in Scio. To help with speeding vehicles coming from a 55 miles per hour zone to a 25, Sheriff Myers placed a speed trailer to record speeds as well as how many cars are traveling on that road.

He would like everyone to slow down especially in areas they aren't familiar with.

"We just ask them to be cautious because there is more traffic in general not just only truck driving but people coming into work to these plants putting these plants up you know we got we are scheduled for possibly four plants here in the county maybe five," Myers said. "You know we got a lot of traffic it's a booming industry."

The increase in traffic has been caused by the boom in the oil and gas industry. Since Sheriff Myers began counting cars around November 19, more than 90,000 cars have driven by the speed detector going one way and more than 40,000 just in January alone.

He adds that they have slowly seen traffic increase over the past couple months. The next safety meeting will be February 25 at 10 a.m. at Puskarich Library. If residents have any issues or concerns, he would like them to be brought to their attention; those will then be addressed at the meeting.