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Fish Ridge Road Taking Hard Hit; Chesapeake to Maintain

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Back roads across the Ohio Valley have become heavily traveled after the recent boom in the oil and natural gas industry. In turn, this has caused extra wear and tear on those roads. Fish Ridge Road in Marshall County is taking a hard hit.

Anyone turning into Fish Ridge Road immediately comes across countless potholes.  From small ones to holes more than a foot wide.  Residents have been dealing less than desirable conditions for sometime but they tell me the road has seen better days..

"It may be a dirt road but it should never be the way it is with the gigantic holes running across," said Jason Yeater, a resident who lives along the road.

Driving down Fish Ridge isn't an ideal situation for many drivers. Adding several potholes and muddy conditions to an already narrow road makes traveling harder.

According to the West Virginia Department of Highways, Chesapeake Energy, who travels Fish Ridge, is obligated to maintain the roads "as is" that means they are responsible for keeping the road to the level it was when they started using it.

"The residents have tried for the last 20 years to finally get it where it was and then last year these big trucks just keep on coming out," Yeater said.

This week the WVDOH met with Chesapeake on Fish Ridge where they reminded them of that obligation.

Chesapeake responded with this statement:

"Per our agreement with the West Virginia Division of Highways, we will maintain Fish Ridge while we use it during development. Recent weather and other factors have created some challenges, but we continue to work with the WVDOH and other companies who use this road to make improvements.

Thursday Chesapeake will be laying gravel to do their part to continue to maintain the road.