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Residents Enraged by Tire Slashing in Elm Grove

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Imagine waking up only to find that your tires had been slashed. This was a reality for some residents in Elm Grove. Police say the tires on 28 cars were slashed overnight leaving the residents there with thousands of dollars worth of damage. 

"It's not just one tire, it's all of them," said Deniece Ault, a victim of the tire slashing. "Do you know how expensive those tires are?" 

Ault was unaware that someone had slashed the tires on hers and 27 other cars in this Elm Grove neighborhood. 

"I just showed up today and found out the tires were slashed," she said. "I wouldn't even have known unless you told me, I mean I didn't even look at it coming in" 

Unlike Deniece, Joel Rogers found out early this morning. 

"I came out and saw that three of the four of my tires were slashed and I was highly, highly irritated to say the least," he said. 

Police say the calls began coming in around 5 a.m., vandalism to cars parked on Sycamore, Vernon, Rine and then Paxton where the majority of the cars were targeted. 

"The first call came in at 5:14 a.m. and cars responded out there and as they were tracking the areas and found multiple cars had tires slashed," said Sgt. Rusty Jewell of the Wheeling Police Department. 

On Sycamore, a line of cars with the drivers side tires slashed, some had three, others all four. Tow trucks were busy up and down these streets today. There's thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Police say they haven't found a motive for these senseless crimes just yet, but finding the person who did it is a top priority.