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Volunteers Pack 50,000 Meals for "Stop Hunger Now"

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Hundreds of volunteers gathered in Wheeling to "Stop Hunger Now." They packaged meals of rice, vegetables, and vitamins to send to schools overseas.

200 volunteers from the Northern District of the United Methodist Church as well as members of the community easily surpassed their original goal of packing 28,000 meals. Pastor Greg Markins says they almost doubled that number to pack 50,000 meals.

"I think what your seeing is really an example of how hungry people are to be a part of something that really makes a difference," he says.

"Everybody is so willing to help out," says volunteer Tiffanie Wilson. "They are just so ready to do anything for somebody who needs something. That's awesome because you don't always see that everyday."

The volunteers teamed up with Stop Hunger Now, a global charity that ships the meals to schools in third world countries. Philadelphia Program Manager, Andrew Sullivan, says the program has a solid plan to get the meals into the mouths of children and break the cycle of poverty.

"What we do at Stop Hunger Now is we finish that supply chain off by getting it to our warehouse," he says. "Once we get it out of the warehouse we let this group know exactly where it has gone."

He says sending the food to schools encourages children to get an education. Stop Hunger Now works with 76 countries and have every continent covered.