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Belmont County Driver's Blood Alcohol Level Astounds Officials

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It's one of the extreme cases of drunk driving they've ever seen.

A man drove down the road, weaving and smashing his car into mailboxes.

Belmont County Sheriff's deputies got the call and caught him in the alleged act.

And you won't believe what his blood alcohol level was.

Bear in mind that it's illegal to drive in Ohio if your blood alcohol level is .08 or higher.

They say the man's blood alcohol level was allegedly .412.

This man was allegedly so far above that they were amazed he was still conscious.

They say he mowed down a few mailboxes, then pulled into the Marathon station at the intersection of Route 40 and Route 331.

Deputies leaned in the car window to help him, and they say the problem was clear.

"There was a very strong odor of alcohol," said Sheriff Dave Lucas. "There were a lot of empty alcohol containers on the seat and the floor. Deputies tried to get the guy to put the car in park, but he had multiple problems with that and ended up putting it in reverse. They asked the driver to get out and do a field sobriety test. Once he got out, he was unable to stand, falling up against the car door, falling against the top of the car."

They charged 51-year-old John Dalton III of St. Clairsville with operating a vehicle under the influence and failure to maintain control.

Deputies took the man to the hospital, not to jail.

Sheriff Lucas says with a blood alcohol content that high, the man needed medical care, because he could have suffered alcohol poisoning and could even have died.

The sheriff says he was placed in the custody of his daughter.