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WVU duo create viral video about law school

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Photo from Chocolate Ghost House Facebook page Photo from Chocolate Ghost House Facebook page

It's that classic tale of trudging a path through pages of research, hoping that cup of coffee will last until the blinking cursor turns into a completed assignment and doing it all over again the very next day.

And it's what WVU law student Andy Loud and WVU graduate Tyler Murray of the band Chocolate Ghost House describe in their viral video, "Law School."

Loud, a Morgantown native, created lyrics to the Maroon 5 "Payphone" song, making a parody and working with Murray for an annual video contest.

This contest is hosted by the law blog, Above the Law, where students all across the nation send in their parody videos.

 "I found out about the contest last year and was determined to make a video for WVU," Loud said.

And for Loud, parody videos and songs have been something he has enjoyed for quite a few years. 

"The initial spark came back when I was in sixth grade and I went to see my first concert, which happened to be Weird Al," he recalled. "I've had a love for parody songwriting ever since."

Murray, a Parkersburg native, said Loud approached him a while back with the intent to start a parody project. Loud later mentioned the contest and the idea took off from there.

"Andy mentioned there was a contest for law school videos and that was kind of the motivation that we needed to get started," Murray, who is the main singer in the video, said.

So why pick the song payphone?

"Payphone is one of those rare finds on the radio that not only has a catchy tune, but it also has a complexity to the lyrics that we needed in order to parody," Murray said.

"Law School" has captured more than 120,000 views, which is a bit more than both had expected.

"We were definitely surprised," Murray said. "We've done videos before, and I do my own music and covers as well, and none of the previous videos have even passed the 5,000 mark. We were just going to celebrate 10,000 views, and that seemed like a high goal at the time. Next thing we knew, 100,000 — in a week."

 Loud agreed, saying both of them knew it would be a good video.

 "But in no way did we expect it to take off like this," he added.

 Loud said he also was surprised at the overseas attention and the fact that many people could relate to this experience.

"There are many comments on the video from people in other countries saying how much this relates to them," Loud said. "We wanted the song to be relatable, which is why we talk about law school in general and not our specific law school.

So what does Loud do when he feels "under arrest, held captive by tests and drowning in debt," to borrow from his own lyrics?

"Well, I manage that stress by finding creative/constructive outlets: playing intramurals, trivia night with friends, or writing silly songs about law school," Loud said. "Honestly, while the stress is something I think that many people identify with, I don't really get too stressed out by law school."

But Loud and Murray aren't done yet. Both said they want to produce more videos in the "near future."

"When we started this, we really had no idea it was going to take off and the people who have left comments and shared the video are absolutely awesome. Just know that it isn't going to stop here," Murray said. "We have a lot of ideas in the works that are hopefully going to be just as well received. Either way, we love what we are doing and we are having a blast, so in the end, that's all that matters."