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Steubenville Rape Trial Day Two Wrap Up

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Six witnesses testified early Thursday in the Steubenville rape trial. Witnesses have ranged from police officers to employees with Verizon and AT&T- all pertaining to cell phones.

Day two got under way at about 9:25 a.m. Thursday.  One of Thursday's witnesses was a deputy with Jefferson County Sheriff's Department. He testified that on Aug. 16, he picked up three cell phones at the field house and took those phones to the police department.

Another witness was a captain with the Steubenville Police Department. He testified that he seized a cell phone at a home on Aug. 16 and took it to the police department. He also partially analyzed a cell phone of one of the defendants. He says he found two "totally nude" photos of a young girl. One of those photos depicted "girl on floor on her stomach."

He says he reported those photos and some text messages to a detective. That detective did not finish analysis on that phone; another sergeant did, however.

Another witness testifying Thursday was a dispatcher with the Steubenville Police Department who testified that she had some of the cell phones in her possession for a short time before those were picked up. UPDATE:

A "marathon" session is expected on day two of the Steubenville rape trial Thursday. Judge Thomas Lipps said there will be very few breaks and testimony is expected to last late into the evening.

On Wednesday, prosecutors and defense attorneys focused on the alleged victim's level of intoxication and whether or not she consented to have sex with the defendants.

Conflicting accounts of the girl's condition emerged during testimony. Some witnesses said the girl could barely walk, while others testified that she was sober enough to rebuff friends who wanted her to leave.

The prosecution is expected to call three witnesses who saw the alleged attack. Defense attorneys could also call the alleged victim to the stand.